Pride of Indian liquors, ‘The Oasis Group of Companies’ was incepted in the year 1987. Since then the Oasis Group is growing by leaps and bounds operating in the field of Distilleries and Breweries. The Oasis Group has a turnover of Rs. 1500 crores in 2014-15 and targets to achieve Rs. 2000 crores by the next financial year.

The Oasis Group presently operates 5 distilleries across the country with a collective production of approximately 20 crores litres of Grain Based Extra Neutral Alcohol, making it one of the largest Grain Spirit producers in the Country.

The Group enjoys a very important position amongst the liquor companies in Punjab by virtue of owning two ‘State-of-the-Art’ Grain Distilleries at Ferozepur and Bhatinda and a bottling unit at Sandhe Hasham-Ferozepur, further complemented with substantial wholesale and retail outlets which has helped the Group cover the complete channel of liquor distribution thereby making it a major player in Punjab.

Oasis Group is a significant player amongst the emerging Indian spirits market with their International quality Grain based spirits, Indian Made Foreign Liquor with consistency of quality, delivery, superior consumer experience, thereby creating maximum value amongst its connoisseurs.

With the introduction of its Premium Whisky-Blue Patrol, an Imported Vatted Malt Scotch blend this year, the Oasis Group stands firm with yet another launch of Super Premium Whisky with dynamic Packaging and blend by next year. The Oasis Group now plans to broaden its brand base by entering into Semi premium & Premium Segments in Whisky, Brandy and White Spirits.

Presently the Oasis Group operates in approximately 18 states in India, besides Union Territories and is also exporting to a number of countries. The Oasis Group operates in most of the prominent civil Indian Made Foreign Liquor markets. Since the Oasis Group is a preferred supplier to the Canteen Stores Department (CSD) which caters to the Esteemed Indian Armed Forces, the Oasis Group enjoys an absolute PAN India presence for its IMFL brands.

The Oasis Group provides different varieties of whiskey, vodka, rums scotch etc. The Oasis Group supports old age homes, hospitals etc.

The Oasis Group has already launched a Pure Herbal Diet Whisky which is blended out of Aloe Vera, Ginsing & Garcinia. The Oasis Group hopes to project this blend as a health conscious Whisky.

The group is in the process of launching a tripled distilled Green Apple and Orange flavoured Vodka in the Premium Segment shortly, besides a Premium Grapes Spirit Brandy for the South Indian market.